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Forex trading

Go all the way with our forex pairs. Take your best position and choose between different currency pairs with 0.0 spreads.

StellarFx Webtrader

Trading is easier with Stellar Fx Webtrader Platform. Zero commissions, and comfortable minimum amount/ deposit.

Best Instruments in the Industry

Explore our instruments, for all kind of traders. Trading currency pairs, indices, oil, gold, sharesT!%g0ZCdVupxlPx2VAbHIc5F has never been this simple.

Why trade with Stellar FX?


Diversification limits portfolio risk but can also mitigate performance.
Exposes you to more opportunities for return.
Reduces volatility.

Regain Your Calm

Stellar FX is a trading company focused on providing the best services for online traders, by making the process easier and faster. Now you are able to trade with full understanding and calmness.

Your Money, Your Strategy

Stellar FX provides a variety of orders and suggestions for you to implement an effective trading strategy. Day, Trend or Scalping, are all available, backed up with information from the best experts in the field.

Opportunities For Successful Traders

Inspired by our Vision, as a fully reliable company, we have no conflict of interest with our clients. As a result, you may trade with us with confidence, knowing that we are looking out for your best interests.

Super- Easy Execution

With Stellar FX, your order will be performed promptly thanks to our cutting-edge technology and wide range of liquidity providers.

Make Your Investment Last Longer

With spreads from 0.0 pips and no commissions, you can trade for less. With no set spreads and competitive swaps, our trading accounts provide the most cost-effective method of trading online.

Experienced Investor?

The lowest spreads, a great leverage ratio, and expert advisors are all available to you.

Trading's New To You?

Extensive assistance and explanations at every stage, as well as an easy-to-use trading platform. 

"More than 200 markets, more than
200 possibilities to invest"

With a wide variety of options, you have more
reasons to succeed and stay motivated.

A Platform Created By Traders, Based On Expertise

Take full advantage of a platform designed to ensure quick trades, the best leverage ratios, and the most user-friendly interface. 

Specialized Support

Availability Monday to Friday!

We have a dedicated customer support team available 24/5

Orders are processed quickly, and the money is kept secure.

The majority of your transactions will be executed in a second, with complete transparency and no commissions at all. Your deposited and earned investments are secure in your account and may be withdrawn at any time.

Trading data and statistics in real-time

Traders, who have the proper tools, precise and real-time data on price movements and economic events, will be able to forecast future changes in the financial market and earn a significant return on their investments.

Real-Time Insights

Make well thought out decisions using real-time data and news delivered or amended by our highly skilled analysts. Keep up with the latest developments and make the most of what we have to offer.

Live Market

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